Tornado strikes Columbia. Severe damage over Subdivision(false news)

A tornado hit the south side of Columbia at 1:59 am. The city manager, Ray Beak said that no victims were reported, 16 people were hospitalized and 67 people suffered minor cuts and were taken to the New Haven Elementary School to receive treatment. A triage team has been settled there. Col. Bill Markgraf, the chief of the Fire Department said the there aren’t any big problems to take care off. Regarding the structure damage, at least 20 houses were destroyed and 50-100 sustained storm damages.  All people have been evacuated and they will probably live with their families and relatives, until their house will be repaired. The authorities don’t know who will cover the cost of the storm damage.

On Friday night, The National Weather Service issued a warning of severe thunderstorm at 1:45 a.m. for the county. At 1:50a.m., the Fire District sounded the first alarm. At 1:59a.m., Lt. Tony Spicci from the Boone County Fire District reported a tornado to the 911 center and a second siren alarm was triggered at that point on South Bridge, Subdivision.


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