Diane and Fred Oerly

fred and diane

Fred shows to her daughter Diane, his latest horse carvings in a parking lot, at the exit of I70. Whenever they meet to go to see a concert in the small town called Lupus, the  gas station is their meeting point. Diane leaves her car and drives Fred’s truck to Lupus, Mo.

I started to work at a new story about a daughter and father relationship.

Diane,57, of Columbia has a very nice relationship with her father, Fred Oerly,89, of Booneville. Diane visits her father every week and they get to do a lot of things together. Now they are working at Fred’s second book. Diane helps her father to write a book about his experience with the  Second World War. It is not Fred’s first book. He already wrote a book about his childhood in Overton which depicts the small town life from 1930.

What I find so special to this story is that Diane prefers to take the effort of doing weekly trips to her father’s town, instead of sending him to a nursing home. She likes to see him as active as possible. She takes time to helps him fulfilling his dreams. She takes him to different events. The antique store from Lupus, Missouri is one of their favorite place to hang out together. Lupus store is a great place where they have folk music concerts. It is great to see them going together at concerts, sharing their social life, spending time together -even if they don’t really talk, you can tell that having each other ease their lives.

Beside his regular trips to Lupus, Fred has many hobbies to keep himself busy. Carving is one of them. He has an impressive collections of carved birds and horses. He also is a great storyteller and likes to keep journals.

I cannot forget about Foxy -which is Fred’s mut. Her furs is black, her eyes are big, her body is small, she is Fred’s companion.

Stay tuned. The story will be continued.


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