Diane and Fred -work in progress

Last Friday, I missed the Halloween party that my photojournalist peers have organized, but I advanced with my story. I went with Diane and Fred to a small town called Lupus, down on the Missouri river to see a folk music concert. I took advantage of this great opportunity and I shot video and pictures. It was a true adventure for me to shoot video.

Quick reminder: my story portrays a candid relationship between Fred and Diane, father and daughter. I haven’t decided yet which will be my story title. I am thinking maybe of using “Carving life” because Fred loves to carve, carving helps him to get through the day, and Diane loves to live. She supports her father’s activity and they both become one person when they are together. Both of them love the people and the nature. Both of them love life, so I think that they carve together “a life” through their intimate relationship.


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